New Books List

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It was all a lie : how the Republican Party became Donald Trump
A liberal theory of property
Life of a Klansman : a family history in white supremacy
The morality of defensive force
Runaway technology : can law keep up?
From parchment to practice : implementing new constitutions
Del giurista interprete : linguaggio, tecniche e dottrine
What Obergefell v. Hodges should have said : the nation's top legal experts rewrite America's same-sex marriage decision
Living apart together : legal protections for a new form of family
Carry on : reflections for a new generation
How to rig an election
Taking back the Constitution : activist judges and the next age of American law
Bills of rights before the Bill of Rights : early state constitutions and the American tradition of rights, 1776-1790
Burning the books : a history of the deliberate destruction of knowledge
The centaur's dilemma : national security law for the coming AI revolution
Coercion and the nature of law
The indigenous paradox : rights, sovereignty, and culture in the Americas
Law for computer scientists and other folk
Pioneers of environmental law
Studies in global animal law
Anger and forgiveness : resentment, generosity, justice
Global banks on trial : U.S. prosecutions and the remaking of international finance
Judicial selection in the states : politics and the struggle for reform
Justice deferred : race and the Supreme Court
The legacy of racism for children : psychology, law, and public policy
Monumental harm : reckoning with Jim Crow Era Confederate monuments
This is not normal : the politics of everyday expectations
Church state corporation : construing religion in US law
Democracy of expression : positive free speech and law
Democratic crisis and global constitutional law
Feminist judgments : family law opinions rewritten
Is it ours? : art, copyright, and public interest
Law and authors : a legal handbook for writers
Law and disorder : sovereignty, protest, atmosphere
The law student's guide to doing well and being well
Natural law ethics in theory & practice : a Joseph Boyle reader
Patents for power : intellectual property and the diffusion of military technology
Perchance to Dream : a legal and political history of the DREAM act and DACA
The perilous public square : structural threats to free expression today
Statelessness : a modern history
Great minds think differently : neurodiversity for lawyers and other professionals
Fandom and the law : fan fiction, art, film & cosplay
Mediation ethics : a practitioner's guide
Reconstructing the corporation : from shareholder primacy to shared governance
Breakpoint : reckoning with America's environmental crises
"Prisons make us safer" : and 20 other myths about mass incarceration
Assessment of teaching and learning : a comprehensive guidebook for law schools
Debating religious liberty and discrimination
The false cause : fraud, fabrication, and white supremacy in Confederate memory
Jefferson's literary commonplace book
Lynching and local justice : legitimacy and accountability in weak states
Marijuana federalism : Uncle Sam and Mary Jane
The reasonable robot : artificial intelligence and the law
Rethinking punishment
Riverflow : the right to keep water instream
Statutory interpretation : pragmatics and argumentation
Veiled power : international law and the private corporation 1886-1981
The virus in the Age of Madness /
Black landscapes matter
The campaign finance cases : Buckley, McConnell, Citizens United, and McCutcheon
Legal pluralism explained : history, theory, consequences
The long emancipation : moving toward black freedom
The politics of presidential impeachment
The silent prologue : how judicial philosophies shape our constitutional rights
A third way : decolonizing the laws of indigenous cultural protection
Vice patrol : cops, courts, and the struggle over urban gay life before Stonewall
The intellectual sword : Harvard Law School, the second century
The enigma of Clarence Thomas
The General Data Protection Regulation in plain language
International child law
The journey to separate but equal : Madame DeCuir's quest for racial justice in the Reconstruction era
Justice in plain sight : how a small-town newspaper and its unlikely lawyer opened America's courtrooms
Katrina : a history, 1915-2015
Law beyond the state : dynamic coordination, state consent, and binding international law
Military courts, civil-military relations, and the legal battle for democracy : the politics of military justice
The mismeasure of minds : debating race and intelligence between Brown and The bell curve
Of courtiers & princes : stories of lower court clerks and their judges
Socialism and legal history : the histories and historians of law in socialist East Central Europe
Stereoscopic law : Oliver Wendell Holmes and legal education
Taxing profit in a global economy : a report of the Oxford international tax group
The trillion dollar revolution : how the Affordable Care Act transformed politics, law, and health care in America
Upon the altar of work : child labor and the rise of a new American sectionalism
What's wrong with rights?
The constitution of knowledge : a defense of truth
Free to move : foot voting, migration, and political freedom
The religion clauses : the case for separating church and state
Marijuana law : a legal research guide
Feminist judgments : rewritten employment discrimination opinions
Feminist judgments : rewritten opinions of the United States Supreme Court
Feminist judgments, rewritten trusts and estates opinions
The impeachers : the trial of Andrew Johnson and the dream of a just nation
Jefferson, Madison, and the making of the Constitution
While justice sleeps : a novel
Know your price : valuing black lives and property in America's black cities
The unitary executive theory : a danger to constitutional government
Free justice : a history of the public defender in twentieth-century America
Saving America's Amazon : the threat to our nation's most biodiverse river system
Congress in reverse : repeals from Reconstruction to the present
Gay rights vs. religious liberty? : the unnecessary conflict
The living presidency : an originalist argument against its ever-expanding powers
Our democratic First amendment
Airbnb, short-term rentals and the future of housing
Birthing a movement : midwives, law, and the politics of reproductive care
Civil rights in America : a history
Courts, jurisdictions, and law in John Milton and his contemporaries
A guide to EU environmental law
Whistleblowing nation : the history of national security disclosures and the cult of state secrecy
Williams' Gang : a notorious slave trader and his cargo of black convicts
Wives not slaves : patriarchy and modernity in the age of revolutions
Perfecting the union : national and state authority in the US Constitution
Plutocracy in America : how increasing inequality destroys the middle class and exploits the poor
Cyberflashing : recognising harms, reforming laws
Despotism on demand : how power operates in the flexible workplace
Dictatorship : new trajectories in law
Electoral violence, corruption, and political order
Good guys with guns : the appeal and consequences of concealed carry
Good thinking : why flawed logic puts us all at risk and how critical thinking can save the world
Manufactured uncertainty : implications for climate change skepticism
National security, leaks and freedom of the press : the Pentagon papers fifty years on
No common ground : Confederate monuments and the ongoing fight for racial justice
Property without rights : origins and consequences of the property rights gap
Race for profit : how banks and the real estate industry undermined Black homeownership
Racism in American public life : a call to action
Tainted tap : Flint's journey from crisis to recovery
The second : race and guns in a fatally unequal America
Sorting sexualities : expertise and the politics of legal classification
Big tech and the digital economy : the moligopoly scenario
The Cherokee Supreme Court : 1823-1835
The class politics of law : essays inspired by Harry Glasbeek
Toward a new legal common sense : law, globalization, and emancipation
The Oxford handbook of children and the law
Policing the womb : invisible women and the criminalization of motherhood
Critique of rights
The decline of natural law : how American lawyers once used natural law and why they stopped
Defending democracies : combating foreign election interference in a digital age
The great dissenter : the story of John Marshall Harlan, America's judicial hero
His truth is marching on : John Lewis and the power of hope
James Monroe : a life
Kill switch : the rise of the modern Senate and the crippling of American democracy
A promised land
The punitive turn in American life : how the United States learned to fight crime like a war
Republic of wrath : how American politics turned tribal, from George Washington to Donald Trump
The rise and fall of Morris Ernst, free speech renegade
Schoolhouse burning : public education and the assault on American democracy
Separate but faithful : the Christian Right's radical struggle to transform law and legal culture
Separated : family and community in the aftermath of an immigration raid
Smokescreen : debunking wildfire myths to save our forests and our climate
Stronger : courage, hope, & humor in my life with John McCain
Theories of delinquency : an examination of explanations of delinquent behavior
A war state all over : Alabama politics and the Confederate cause
Municipal Magdeburg law (Ius municipale Magdeburgense) in late Medieval Poland : a study on the evolution and adaptation of law
Citizenship reimagined : a new framework for state rights in the United States
The art of law teaching
Asylum matters : on the front line of administrative decision-making
I'm not a racist, but-- : the moral quandary of race
An argument open to all : reading The Federalist in the twenty-first century
Grading, reporting, graduating ... and the law
The lost translators of 1808 and the birth of civil law in Louisiana
Court of injustice : law without recognition in U.S. immigration
The affirmative action puzzle : a living history from Reconstruction to today
Autopsy of a crime lab : exposing the flaws in forensics
Being evil : a philosophical perspective
Birth of the state : the place of the body in crafting modern politics
Calhoun : American heretic
Children and the European Court of Human Rights
Civil wars, civil beings, and civil rights in Alabama's Black belt : a history of Perry County
Copy this book! : what data tells us about copyright and the public good
The education of John Adams
First : Sandra Day O'Connor
Multinational enterprises and the law
The room where it happened : a White House memoir
Stealing our democracy : how the political assassination of a governor threatens our nation
Where law ends : inside the Mueller investigation
White evangelical racism : the politics of morality in America
White fragility : why it's so hard for White people to talk about racism
White freedom : the racial history of an idea
Wildlife as property owners : a new conception of animal rights
You are not American : citizenship stripping from Dred Scott to the dreamers
A guide to U.S. environmental law
English law under two Elizabeths : the late Tudor legal world and the present
Age at work : ambiguous boundaries of organizations, organizing and ageing
The Fourth Amendment in an age of surveillance
The doctor who fooled the world : science, deception, and the war on vaccines
Making a new American Constitution
Mastering art law
Armed with sword and scales : law, culture, and local courtrooms in London, 1860-1913
Advanced introduction to law and literature
Animals as legal beings : contesting anthropocentric legal orders
Closing death's door : legal innovations to end the epidemic of healthcare harm
Corporatizing American health care : how we lost our health care system
England under the Norman and Angevin kings, 1075-1225
The cannabis business : understanding law, finance, and governance in America's newest industry
Evading international norms : race and rights in the shadow of legality
The feeling economy : how artificial intelligence is creating the era of empathy
Feminist judgments : rewritten tort opinions
From collective bargaining to collective begging : how public employees win and lose the right to bargain
A genealogy of terrorism : colonial law and the origins of an idea
Global mandatory fair use : the nature and scope of the right to quote copyright works
Handbook of violence risk assessment
International law in the U.S. legal system
International law
Health as a human right : the politics and judicialisation of health in Brazil
Contracts : the five essential concepts
BigLaw : money and meaning in the modern law firm
Breaking down barriers : George McLaurin and the struggle to end segregated education
The cynic : the political education of Mitch McConnell
The demagogue's playbook : the battle for American democracy from the founders to Trump
The deviant's war : the homosexual vs. the United States of America
Britain and international law in West Africa : the practice of empire
Capitalism as civilisation : a history of international law
Control of the laws in the ancient democracy at Athens
Corporate governance and responsible investment in private equity
Debauched, desperate, deranged : women who killed, London 1674-1913
Democracy, Nazi trials and transitional justice in Germany, 1945-1950
Divorce in China : institutional constraints and gendered outcomes
European societies, migration, and the law : the 'others' amongst 'us'
Farwell's rules of the nautical road
Weapon of choice : fighting gun violence while respecting gun rights