New Books List

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Climate rationality : from bias to balance
Agency in Earth system governance
The Aliites : race and law in the religions of Noble Drew Ali
Archipelago of justice : law in France's early modern empire
The authority of the Court and the peril of politics
Comparative international law
Confronting racism : integrating mental health research into legal strategies and reforms
Constitutional revolution
Contesting the Constitution, Congress debates the Missouri Crisis, 1819-1821
Defend the sacred : Native American religious freedom beyond the First Amendment
Destabilized property : property law in the sharing economy
Free will skepticism in law and society : challenging retributive justice
Hidden laws : how state constitutions stabilize American politics
International law and the Cold War
Law and philosophy in the late Roman Republic
New laws of robotics : defending human expertise in the age of AI
None of your damn business : privacy in the United States from the Gilded Age to the digital age
Purchasing submission : conditions, power, and freedom
Race, crime, and policing in the Jim Crow South : African Americans and law enforcement in Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans, 1920-1945
Race, removal, and the right to remain : migration and the making of the United States
Reclaiming patriotism in an age of extremes
Recognizing wrongs
Root-cause regulation : protecting work and workers in the twenty-first century
Stringfellow acid pits : the toxic and legal legacy
Unsound empire : civilization and madness in late-Victorian law
The deadly force script : how the police in America defend the use of excessive force
Food law : a practical guide
Truth and evidence
Equity in the civil law tradition
Fighting modern slavery and human trafficking : history and contemporary policy
Guilty people
The international law on foreign investment
The intricacies of dicta and dissent
Just algorithms : using science to reduce incarceration and inform a jurisprudence of risk
The king's peace : law and order in the British Empire
Language rights and the law in the European Union
The new fourth branch : institutions for protecting constitutional democracy
Princess of the Hither Isles : a black suffragist's story from the Jim Crow south
Public legal education : the role of law schools in building a more legally literate society
Reforming antitrust
Rewriting nature : the future of genome editing and how to bridge the gap between law and science
American contagions : epidemics and the law from smallpox to COVID-19
Books and libraries : poems
Blockchain democracy : technology, law and the rule of the crowd
The origins and consequences of property rights : Austrian, public choice, and institutional economics perspectives
Ruling by cheating : governance in illiberal democracy
Abortion under state constitutions : a state-by-state analysis
Author in chief : the untold story of our presidents and the books they wrote
Biased : uncovering the hidden prejudice that shapes what we see, think, and do
Communal justice in Shakespeare's England : drama, law, and emotion
Courtrooms and classrooms : a legal history of college access, 1860-1960
The customary international law of human rights
Democracy and dysfunction
Digital witness : using open source information for human rights investigation, documentation, and accountability
The discourse on customary international law
A fatal thing happened on the way to the forum : murder in ancient Rome
History and the law : a love story
Indentured Servitude : Unfree Labor and Citizenship in the British Colonies
International capital markets : law and institutions
John Quincy Adams and the gag rule, 1835-1850
Law professor's desk reference : a handbook for work and life in the legal academy
Pandemic legalities : legal responses to COVID-19 -- justice and social responsibility
Red nation rising : from bordertown violence to native liberation
This is what America looks like : my journey from refugee to Congresswoman
Trouble at the bar : an economics perspective on the legal profession and the case for fundamental reform
Law and poetry : promises from the Preamble
Contemporary international law of civilized peoples : general part
Democracies and international law
The battle over patents : history and politics of innovation
Black Power : radical politics and African American identity
Conditional citizens : on belonging in America
Crime and punishment in the Jim Crow South
Daniel Webster and the unfinished Constitution
Defending privilege : rights, status, and legal peril in the British novel
Election interference : international law and the future of democracy
Fentanyl, Inc. : how rogue chemists are creating the deadliest wave of the opioid epidemic
Google rules : the history and future of copyright under the influence of Google
The gun, the ship, and the pen : warfare, constitutions, and the making of the modern world
The hypocritical hegemon : how the United States shapes global rules against tax evasion and avoidance
Jurisprudence : theory and context
Lawyering skills in the doctrinal classroom : using legal writing pedagogy to enhance teaching across the law school curriculum
The legal system of France
A Magna Carta for children? : rethinking children's rights
Nine steps to law school success : a scientifically proven study process for success in law school
Persuasion : getting to the other side
The President and the Supreme Court : going public on judicial decisions from Washington to Trump
The profit paradox : how thriving firms threaten the future of work
Public citizens : the attack on big government and the remaking of American liberalism
Reconsidering judicial finality : why the Supreme Court is not the last word on the Constitution
The specter of dictatorship : judicial enabling of presidential power
They knew : the federal government's fifty-year role in causing the climate crisis
Until justice be done : America's first civil rights movement, from the Revolution to Reconstruction
What universities owe democracy
Why we lost the sex wars : sexual freedom in the #MeToo era
Louisiana legal research
Contested adoptions : a lawyer's guide to all sides
Religious property disputes and the law : house of god, laws of man
Children's rights and business : governing obligations and responsibility
Class action : desegregation and diversity in San Francisco schools
Collective liability in Islam : the 'aqila and blood-money payments
The Gunner's guide to law school
How to do things with legal doctrine
Laws of politics : their operations in democracies and dictatorships
Lighting the way : federal courts, civil rights, and public policy
Modernising legal education
Overturning Brown : the segregationist legacy of the modern school choice movement
Personalized law : different rules for different people
The politics of rights of nature : strategies for building a more sustainable future
Subtle tools : the dismantling of American democracy from the War on Terror to Donald Trump
The trials of allegiance : treason, juries, and the American Revolution
William Howard Taft's constitutional progressivism
Antonin Scalia and American constitutionalism : the historical significance of a judicial icon
Natural law and human rights : toward a recovery of practical reason
Del giurista interprete : linguaggio, tecniche e dottrine
What Obergefell v. Hodges should have said : the nation's top legal experts rewrite America's same-sex marriage decision
Living apart together : legal protections for a new form of family
Carry on : reflections for a new generation
How to rig an election
Taking back the Constitution : activist judges and the next age of American law
Bills of rights before the Bill of Rights : early state constitutions and the American tradition of rights, 1776-1790
Burning the books : a history of the deliberate destruction of knowledge
The centaur's dilemma : national security law for the coming AI revolution
Coercion and the nature of law
The indigenous paradox : rights, sovereignty, and culture in the Americas
Law for computer scientists and other folk
Pioneers of environmental law
Studies in global animal law
Anger and forgiveness : resentment, generosity, justice
Global banks on trial : U.S. prosecutions and the remaking of international finance
Judicial selection in the states : politics and the struggle for reform
Justice deferred : race and the Supreme Court
The legacy of racism for children : psychology, law, and public policy
Monumental harm : reckoning with Jim Crow Era Confederate monuments
This is not normal : the politics of everyday expectations
Church state corporation : construing religion in US law
Democracy of expression : positive free speech and law
Democratic crisis and global constitutional law
Feminist judgments : family law opinions rewritten
Is it ours? : art, copyright, and public interest
Law and authors : a legal handbook for writers
Law and disorder : sovereignty, protest, atmosphere
The law student's guide to doing well and being well
Natural law ethics in theory & practice : a Joseph Boyle reader
Patents for power : intellectual property and the diffusion of military technology
Perchance to Dream : a legal and political history of the DREAM act and DACA
The perilous public square : structural threats to free expression today
Statelessness : a modern history
Great minds think differently : neurodiversity for lawyers and other professionals
Fandom and the law : fan fiction, art, film & cosplay
Mediation ethics : a practitioner's guide
A guide to EU environmental law
Manufactured uncertainty : implications for climate change skepticism
Race for profit : how banks and the real estate industry undermined Black homeownership
The decline of natural law : how American lawyers once used natural law and why they stopped
Municipal Magdeburg law (Ius municipale Magdeburgense) in late Medieval Poland : a study on the evolution and adaptation of law
The education of John Adams
The room where it happened : a White House memoir
A guide to U.S. environmental law
English law under two Elizabeths : the late Tudor legal world and the present
The Fourth Amendment in an age of surveillance
The doctor who fooled the world : science, deception, and the war on vaccines
Making a new American Constitution