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This fight is our fight : the battle to save America's middle class
Brexit and aviation law
Biotechnology and the law
American law firms in transition : trends, threats, and strategies
Defining moments : insights into the lawyer's soul
A lawyer's guide to filing long-term disability claims and appeals
The role of directors in M&A transactions : a governance handbook for directors, management and advisors
Sexual harassment and retaliation : a practical handbook for plaintiff and defense
A litigator's guide to expert witnesses
Cloud 3.0 : drafting and negotiating cloud computing agreements
Building a storybrand : clarify your message so customers will listen
Say nothing : a true story of murder and memory in Northern Ireland
Cyber attacks and international law on the use of force : the turn to information ethics
Life imprisonment : a global human rights analysis
Political and judicial rights through the prism of religious belief
The reality of human dignity in law and bioethics : comparative perspectives
Slanted : how an Asian American troublemaker took on the Supreme Court
The third revolution : Xi Jinping and the new Chinese state
Thomas Cromwell : A Revolutionary Life
Consensus-based interpretation of regional human rights treaties
American exceptionalism : economics, finance, political economy, and economic laws
War and the rogue presidency : restoring the republic after Congressional failure
John Marshall in the Supreme Court
Justice and mercy : moral theology and the exercise of law in twelfth-century England
Employment and development : how work can lead from and into poverty
Interactive approaches to water governance in Asia
Nuclear energy regulation, risk and the environment
Politics and governance in water pollution prevention in China
Women leading justice : experiences and insights
Maritime cabotage law
The legal power to launch war : who decides?
Asylum determination in Europe : ethnographic perspectives
Euroconstitutionalism and its discontents
Russian legal realism
AALL state of the profession 2019
Testimony that sticks : the art of communicating psychology and neuropsychology to juries
Murder in the Shenandoah : making law sovereign in revolutionary Virginia
Corporate financial distress, restructuring, and bankruptcy : analyze leveraged finance, distressed debt, and bankruptcy
Workplace justice : rights and labour resistance in Vietnam
The Mueller report : presented with related materials by The Washington Post
Islands of sovereignty : Haitian migration and the borders of empire
Against the grain : bombthrowing in the fine American tradition of political cartooning
They were her property : white women as slave owners in the American South
On the jury trial : principles and practices for effective advocacy
American founders : how people of African descent established freedom in the new world
Political trials in an age of revolutions : Britain and the North Atlantic, 1793-1848
Law and macroeconomics : legal remedies to recessions
Supernatural law : grandfathered in
Contributory negligence : principles and practice
Sovereign immunity law
Why nationalism
Informal workers and collective action : a global perspective
Big copyright versus the people : how major content providers are destroying creativity and how to stop them
The constitutional value of sunset clauses : an historical and normative analysis
Building the new American economy : smart, fair, and sustainable
The common law inside the female body
Caring for families in court : an essential approach to family justice
Race, gender, sexuality, and the politics of the American judiciary
Public-private partnerships and constitutional law : accountability in the United Kingdom and the United States of America
Extraordinary rendition and human rights : examining state accountability and complicity
Migrants before the law : contested migration control in Europe
The Israeli constitution : from evolution to revolution
Global legal history : a comparative law perspective
The case for an international court of civil justice
Landscape protection in international law
Transnational environmental regulation and governance : purpose, strategies and principles
Foreclosed : mortgage servicing and the hidden architecture of homeownership in America
Campus sexual assault : constitutional rights and fundamental fairness
LGBTI rights in Turkey : sexuality and the state in the Middle East
England and the Jews : how religion and violence created the first racial state in the West
Unrigging American elections : reform past and prologue
Illicit and unnatural practices : the law, sex and society in Scotland since 1900
Citizens without nations : urban citizenship in Europe and the world, c.1000-1789
Unsettled : refugee camps and the making of multicultural Britain
The growth delusion : wealth, poverty, and the well-being of nations
Military trials of war criminals in the Netherlands East Indies 1946-1949
Comparative human rights law
Genre, patrimoine et droit civil : les femmes mariées de la bourgeoisie québécoise en procès, 1900-1930
Framing prior consultation in Brazil : ethnographic perspectives on limits of participation and multicultural politics
The end of the myth : from the frontier to the border wall in the mind of America
Plea bargaining : an Indian perspective
Model(ing) justice : perfecting the promise of international criminal law
Legal traditions in Louisiana and the Floridas 1763-1848
Slavery after Rome, 500-1100
The public's law : origins and architecture of progressive democracy
Perspectives on environmental law scholarship : essays on purpose, shape and direction
Petroleum contracts and international law
Reckless disregard : St. Amant v. Thompson and the transformation of libel law
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Holocaust : an endangered connection
Expanding responsibility for the just war : a feminist critique
Prosecuting the president : how special prosecutors hold presidents accountable and protect the rule of law
Integration now : Alexander v. Holmes and the end of Jim Crow education
Rules of the house : family law and domestic disputes in colonial Korea
The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal : law, history, and jurisprudence
The right to dress : sumptuary laws in a global perspective, c. 1200-1800
Consent and trade : trading freely in a global market
Shallow equality and symbolic jurisprudence in multilingual legal orders
U.S. Attorneys, political control, and career ambition
Criminal trials and mental disorders
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of food rights : the escalating battle over who decides what we eat
Bending toward justice : the Birmingham church bombing that changed the course of civil rights
Economic foundations of law
International law and religion : historical and contemporary perspectives
The promise and peril of credit : what a forgotten legend about Jews and finance tells us about the making of European commercial society
The age of surveillance capitalism : the fight for a human future at the new frontier of power
Why not default? : the political economy of sovereign debt
The invention of race in the European Middle Ages
Down with traitors : justice and nationalism in wartime China
How global currencies work : past, present, and future
To end a presidency : the power of impeachment
51 imperfect solutions : states and the making of American constitutional law
They took the kids last night : how the child protection system puts families at risk
Is international law international?
Bullying, school violence, and climate in evolving contexts : culture, organization, and time
Culture and the judiciary : the anthropologist judge
The third disestablishment : church, state, and American culture, 1940-1975
Containment and condemnation : law and the oppression of the urban poor
Transnational networking and elite self-empowerment : the making of the judiciary in contemporary Europe and beyond
The birth of ethics : reconstructing the role and nature of morality
Legal translation outsourced
The politics of justice in European private law
Understanding conflict resolution
American juvenile justice
Corporate duties to the public
Worldmaking after empire : the rise and fall of self-determination
Silencing gender, age, ethnicity and cultural biases in leadership
Obama : the historic presidency of Barack Obama : 2,920 days
Invisible : the forgotten story of the black woman lawyer who took down America's most powerful mobster
Democracy and prosperity : reinventing capitalism through a turbulent century
The best of enemies : race and redemption in the new South
Lethal state : a history of the death penalty in North Carolina
The interrogation rooms of the Korean War : the untold history
Iran rising : the survival and future of the Islamic Republic
The life and the adventures of a haunted convict
The colored waiting room : empowering the original and the new civil rights movements : conversations between an MLK Jr. confidant and a modern-day activist
Blueprint : the evolutionary origins of a good society
Searching for justice after the Holocaust : fulfilling the Terezin Declaration and immovable property restitution
Lost children archive : a novel
Moral contagion : black Atlantic sailors, citizenship, and diplomacy in antebellum America
A raven's battle-cry : the limits of judgment in the medieval Irish legal tract Anfuigell
Freedom of religion, secularism, and human rights
International law in a transcivilizational world
The Chief : the life and turbulent times of Chief Justice John Roberts
The greater good : media, family removal, and TVA dam construction in North Alabama
Separate : the story of Plessy v. Ferguson, and America's journey from slavery to segregation
A dark inheritance : blood, race, and sex in colonial Jamaica
Barack Obama : American historian
Comparative law as critique
Punishment without crime : how our massive misdemeanor system traps the innocent and makes America more unequal
Fundamental concepts of commercial law : fifty years of reflection
A critical introduction to international criminal law
The development of transnational commercial law : policies and problems
Bringing down the Colonel : a sex scandal of the Gilded Age, and the "powerless" woman who took on Washington
The trial lawyer : what it takes to win
Freedom of establishment and private international law for corporations
Guilty pleasures : comedy and law in America
The Cambridge companion to the United States Constitution
The public international law of trade in legal services
Sovereign debt and human rights
Rethinking US election law : unskewing the system
Humanizing the laws of war : the Red Cross and the development of international humanitarian law
Swedish studies in European law