New Books List

New books on this list are located on the new books shelf in the reading room. The new books shelf is immediately to your right when entering the leftmost door to the reading room.
Faculty may request new books to be placed on hold and the book will be delivered the day following the request.
You may also view a monthly archive of new books lists.
Voicing identity : cultural appropriation and Indigenous issues
Freedom of speech, 1500-1850
Who will build the ark? : debates on climate strategy from new left review
Reengineering the sharing economy : design, policy, and regulation
Racism, violence and harm : ideology, media and resistance
Rights in practice for people with a learning disability : stories of citizenship
Enticements : queer legal studies
Fighting mad : resisting the end of Roe v. Wade
Multidisciplinary perspectives on artificial intelligence and the law
The American presidency : origins and development, 1776-2021
The conversation on guns
Intersections between corporate and antitrust law
Creating our own lives : college students with intellectual disability
Money, power, and AI : automated banks and automated states
Classical rhetoric and contemporary law : a critical reader
Handbook on prisons and jails
Law, vulnerability, and the responsive state : beyond equality and liberty
Leading works in criminal law
Ethical theory in global perspective
Roe v. Dobbs : the past, present, and future of a constitutional right to abortion
What Roe v. Wade should have said : the nation's top legal experts rewrite America's most controversial decision
Aidid, Abdi
The legal singularity : how artificial intelligence can make law radically better
Ajunwa, Ifeoma
The quantified worker : law and technology in the modern workplace
Arkes, Hadley
Mere natural law : originalism and the anchoring truths of the Constitution
Arriaga, Felicia
Behind crimmigration : ICE, law enforcement, and resistance in America
Austen, Ben
Correction : parole, prison, and the possibility of change
Banner, Stuart
The decline of natural law : how American lawyers once used natural law and why they stopped
Barbas, Samantha
Actual malice : civil rights and freedom of the press in New York Times v. Sullivan
Baron, Dennis E.
You can't always say what you want : the paradox of free speech
Baron, Martin
Collision of power : Trump, Bezos, and The Washington Post
Barton, Benjamin H.
The credentialed court : inside the cloistered elite world of American justice
Barzel, Yoram
Economic analysis of property rights
Batchis, Wayne
Throwing the party : how the Supreme Court puts political party organizations ahead of voters
Behnken, Brian D.
Borders of violence and justice : Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and law enforcement in the Southwest, 1835-1935
Berenguer, Elizabeth E.
Critical and comparative rhetoric : unmasking privilege and power in law and legal advocacy to achieve truth, justice, and equity
Bernstein, Richard B.
Hamilton : the energetic founder
Bianco, Marcie
Breaking free : the lie of equality and the feminist fight for freedom
Bixby, Patrick
License to travel : a cultural history of the passport
Blair, Melissa Estes
Bringing home the White House : the hidden history of women who shaped the presidency in the twentieth century
Bodansky, Daniel
The art and craft of international environmental law
Boettcher, Michelle L.
Law and ethics in academic and student affairs : developing an institutional intelligence approach
Bonomi, Amy
Recantation and domestic violence : the untold story
Bowman, Matthew Burton
The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill : alien encounters, civil rights, and the new age in America
Boyd, Christina L.
Supreme bias : gender and race in U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings
Bradford, Anu
Digital empires : the global battle to regulate technology
Brands, H. W.
Founding partisans : Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson, Adams and the brawling birth of American politics
Brown, Wendy
Nihilistic times : thinking with Max Weber
Calkin, Sydney
Abortion pills go global : reproductive freedom across borders
Carlson, Alan (Alan M.)
What is happening to state trial court civil filings?
Carlson, Kerstin Bree
The justice laboratory : international law in Africa
Casey-Maslen, Stuart
International law and policy on the protection of civilians
Cate, Sarah D.
The myth of the community fix : inequality and the politics of youth punishment
Chacon, Jennifer
Legal phantoms : executive action and the haunting failures of immigration law
Cherry, Myisha V.
Failures of forgiveness : what we get wrong and how to do better
Cipriano, Traci
The thriving lawyer : : a multidimensional model of well-being for a sustainable legal profession /
Cofone, Ignacio N.
The privacy fallacy : harm and power in the information economy
Cousins, Susan
Overcoming everyday racism : building resilience and wellbeing in the face of discrimination and microaggressions
Crago, David C.
The creation of a crusader : Senator Thomas Morris and the birth of the antislavery movement
Crowther, Kathleen M.
Policing pregnant bodies : from ancient Greece to post-Roe America
Davis, Ronald
Financial institutions in distress : recovery, resolution, and recognition
Dinale, Daniel
Women's employment and childbearing in post-industrialized societies : the fertility paradox
Domingo, Rafael
Law and religion in a secular age
Douglas-Scott, Sionaidh
Brexit, union, and disunion : the evolution of British constitutional unsettlement
Drakeman, Donald L.
The hollow core of constitutional theory : why we need the framers
Dunne, Maureen
The neurodiversity edge : the essential guide to embracing autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological differences for any organization
Dutton, Gillian (Law teacher)
Externship pedagogy and practice
Eaton, Judy A.
Apologies from death row : the meaning and consequences of offender remorse
Elster, Jon
America before 1787 : the unraveling of a colonial regime
Enrich, David
Servants of the damned : giant law firms, Donald Trump, and the corruption of justice
Eren, Colleen P.
Reform nation : the First Step Act and the movement to end mass incarceration
Evans, C. Stephen
Living accountably : accountability as a virtue
Evelina, Nicole
America's forgotten suffragists : Virginia and Francis Minor
Fedderly, Eva
These walls : the battle for Rikers Island and the future of America's jails
Fichtelman, Carol A.
Artificial intelligence law : a legal research guide
Fisher, George
Beware euphoria : the moral roots and racial myths of America's war on drugs
Ford, Jolyon
Human rights and populism
Foster, Anne L.
The long war on drugs
Friedland, Steven I.
Legal rules for law students : how to create deep, chunked knowledge
Friedman, Lawrence M. (Lawrence Meir)
The walled garden : law and privacy in modern society
Geier, Brett A.
The Roberts Court and public schools
Glennon, Michael J.
Free speech and turbulent freedom : the dangerous allure of censorship in the digital era
Gosztonyi, Gergely
Censorship from Plato to social media : the complexity of social media's content regulation and moderation practices
Gray, David C.
The Fourth Amendment in an age of surveillance
Gray, Joanne Elizabeth
Google rules : the history and future of copyright under the influence of Google
Greenwood-Reeves, James
Justifying violent protest : law and morality in democratic states
Griffith, Luke
Unraveling the gray area problem : the United States and the INF Treaty
Gutierrez-Romine, Alicia
From back alley to the border : criminal abortion in California, 1920-1969
Hazelgrove, William Elliott
The last charge of the Rough Rider : Theodore Roosevelt's final days
Heather, Peter
Why empires fall : Rome, America, and the future of the West
Hershovitz, Scott
Law is a moral practice
Howarth, David
Bank politics : structural reform in comparative perspective
Howell, William G.
The American presidency an institutional approach to executive politics
Hubbart, Phillip A.
From death row to freedom : the struggle for racial justice in the Pitts-Lee case
Ingram, R. Scott
Constitutional inquisitors : the origins and practice of early federal prosecutors
Inskeep, Steve
Differ we must : how Lincoln succeeded in a divided America
Jacobs, Lesley A.
Against post-liberal courts and justice : rescuing Ronald Dworkin's legacy
Jagielska-Burduk, Alicja
Cultural heritage as a legal hybrid : between public and private law
Jerolleman, Alessandra
People or property : legal contradictions, climate resettlement, and the view from shifting ground
Jones, Owen D.
Brain science for lawyers, judges, and policymakers
Jordan, Pia Marie Winters
Memories of a Tuskegee Airmen nurse and her military sisters
Kavanagh, Aileen
The collaborative constitution
Kilmeade, Brian
Teddy and Booker T. : how two American icons blazed a path for racial equality
Kosseff, Jeff
Liar in a crowded theater : freedom of speech in a world of misinformation
Krause, Sharon R.
Eco-emancipation : an earthly politics of freedom
Kreiner, Jamie
The wandering mind : what Medieval monks tell us about distraction
Krenn, Christoph
The procedural and organisational law of the European Court of Justice : an incomplete transformation
Kurki, Visa A. J.
Legal personhood
Lackey, Jennifer
Criminal testimonial injustice
Lai, Amy Tak-Yee
In defense of free speech in universities : a study of three jurisdictions
Lamandini, Marco
Finance, law, and the courts : financial disputes and adjudication
Landsberg, Brian K.
Revolution by law : the federal government and the desegregation of Alabama schools
Lane, M. S. (Melissa S.)
Of rule and office : Plato's ideas of the political
Lanoszka, Anna
Corporate governance and economic development : identifying critical institutional reforms
Lloyd, Dana
Land is kin : sovereignty, religious freedom, and indigenous sacred sites
Locke, Terry
Sense of place, identity and the revisioning of curriculum
Lukianoff, Greg
The canceling of the American mind : cancel culture undermines trust and threatens us all--but there is a solution
Mansky, Joseph
Libels and theater in Shakespeare's England : publics, politics, performance
Martin, Lerone A.
The gospel of J. Edgar Hoover : how the FBI aided and abetted the rise of white Christian nationalism
Martin, Shane
Legislative Assemblies : voters, members, and leaders
Mascarenhas, Michael
Toxic water, toxic system : environmental racism and Michigan's water war
McAlpin, Megan
Beyond the first draft : editing strategies for powerful legal writing
McBride, James
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
McMahon, Kevin J.
A Supreme Court unlike any other : the deepening divide between the justices and the people
Mearsheimer, John J.
How states think : the rationality of foreign policy
Mirande, Alfredo
Ordinary injustice : rascuache lawyering and the anatomy of a criminal case
Mooij, Annelieke
Regulating the Metaverse economy : how to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism
Moore, David B.
Setting relations right in restorative practice : broadening mindsets and skill sets
Moses, Margaret L.
The principles and practice of international commercial arbitration
Mujica, Christin A.
Horizontal and vertical racial/ethnic discrimination : attributions and impact
Mullenix, Linda S.
Public nuisance : the new mass tort frontier
Nalule, Victoria R.
Renegotiating contracts for the energy transition in the extractives industry
Neus, Nora
24 hours in Charlottesville : an oral history of the stand against White supremacy
Neves, Marcelo
Symbolic constitutionalization
Nieman, Donald G.
Promises to keep : African Americans and the constitutional order, 1776 to the present
Nooe, F. Evan
Aggression and sufferings : settler violence, native resistance, and the coalescence of the Old South
O'Brien, Nick
Politics and administrative justice : postliberalism, street-level bureaucracy and the reawakening of democratic citizenship
Parker, Kunal Madhukar
The turn to process : American legal, political, and economic thought, 1870-1970
Parmet, Wendy E.
Constitutional contagion : COVID, the courts, and public health
Pavone, Ilja Richard
Global pandemics and international law : an analysis in the age of Covid-19
Pearlman, Stefanie
Animal welfare laws : a legal research guide
Polden, Donald J.
Leading in law : leadership development for law students
Polsby, Nelson W.
Presidential elections : strategies and structures of American politics
Ponton, David
Houston and the permanence of segregation : an Afropessimist approach to urban history
Porter, Theodore M.
Genetics in the madhouse : the unknown history of human heredity
Rader, Nicole E.
Teaching fear : how we learn to fear crime and why it matters
Raines, Howell
Silent cavalry : how Union soldiers from Alabama helped Sherman burn Atlanta--and then got written out of history
Ramsey, Donovan X.
When crack was king : a people's history of a misunderstood era
Ramseyer, J. Mark
Business organizations
Rana, Aziz
The constitutional bind : how Americans came to idolize a document that fails them
Rasmussen, Dennis C. (Dennis Carl)
The Constitution's penman : Gouverneur Morris and the creation of America's basic charter
Redish, Martin H.
Due process as American democracy
Riley, Laura (Law teacher)
Homeless advocacy
Rockwell, Stephen J.
The presidency and the American State : leadership and decision making in the Adams, Grant, and Taft administrations
Rosenberg, Gerald N.
The hollow hope : can courts bring about social change?
Rowell, Arden
A guide to U.S. environmental law
Sandberg, Russell
A historical introduction to English Law : genesis of the Common Law
Sapienza, Salvatore
Big data, algorithms and food safety : a legal and ethical approach to data ownership and data governance
Scales, Pat R.
Books under fire : a hit list of banned and challenged children's books
Schiraldi, Vincent
Mass supervision : probation, parole, and the illusion of safety and freedom
Schlag, Pierre
Twilight of the American state
Seidel, Andrew L.
American crusade : how the Supreme Court is weaponizing religious freedom
Siegel, Martin J.
Judgment and mercy : the turbulent life and times of the judge who condemned the Rosenbergs
Simmons, Ric
Private criminal justice : how private parties are enforcing criminal law and transforming our justice system
Small, Daniel I.
Lessons learned from a life on trial : landmark cases from a veteran litigator and what they can teach trial lawyers
Spinak, Jane M. (Jane Marcia)
The end of family court : how abolishing the court brings justice to children and families
Sunstein, Cass R.
How to interpret the Constitution
Sverdlik, Steven
Bentham's an introduction to the principles of morals and legislation : a guide
Tassier, Troy
The rich flee and the poor take the bus : how our unequal society fails us during outbreaks
Thomas, James M.
The souls of Jewish folk : W. E. B. Du Bois, anti-Semitism, and the color line
Tsai, Robert L.
Demand the impossible : one lawyer's pursuit of equal justice for all
Waldman, Michael
The supermajority : how the Supreme Court divided America
Wall, Steven
Enforcing morality
Wang, Yueduan
Experimentalist constitutions : subnational policy innovations in China, India, and the United States
Weil, Patrick
The madman in the White House : Sigmund Freud, Ambassador Bullitt, and the lost psychobiography of Woodrow Wilson
Williams, Kidada E.
I saw death coming : a history of terror and survival in the war against Reconstruction
Witherspoon, Dawn P.
Family socialization, race, and inequality in the United States
Woolaston, Katie
Ecological vulnerability : the law and governance of human-wildlife relationships
Yalof, David Alistair
George Washington and the two-term precedent
Zeben, Josephine A. W. van
A guide to EU environmental law
Álvarez, José E.
Women's property rights under CEDAW